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The $35 Cup of Coffee

Every time an employees leaves a law office to get a coffee it costs the firm $35 per cup!

How many coffee cups come in to your office? The numbers are staggering.

Extra working hours, extra stress, missed deadlines, employee dissatisfaction, lost clients, low profits because of coffee?

A closer look…
In law firms, people are the livelihood of the organization Annual Sales / # of total employees / 250 business days / 8 hours = Actual average hourly billing rate per employee.

Personal productivity comes to a grinding halt when the employee leaves the office for a coffee The average round trip for a cup of coffee is 15 minutes

This analysis equates to $35/cup.
Nonetheless the $8.19 Starbucks latté from the employee’s pocket ($3.99 plus taxes x an average income tax rate of 45%)… He/she’ll be back to see you as time passes for a raise.
For a grand total of $43.19 per coffee or $1943 per pound of coffee!

If you take a look at the world’s best ingredients (specialty-grade coffee, organic fresh milk, condiments, premium imported machine, filtered water & maintenance contract), it costs less than a corporate tax (30%) deductible one dollar.

What’s your conclusion?

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